Compile a SwiftPM package to WebAssembly

You can also use SwiftPM for managing packages in the same way as other platforms.

1. Create a package from template

$ swift package init --type executable
Creating executable package: hello
Creating Package.swift
Creating .gitignore
Creating Sources/
Creating Sources/hello/main.swift
Creating Tests/
Creating Tests/LinuxMain.swift
Creating Tests/helloTests/
Creating Tests/helloTests/helloTests.swift
Creating Tests/helloTests/XCTestManifests.swift

2. Build the Project into a WebAssembly binary

You need to pass --triple option, which indicates that you are building for the target.

$ swift build --triple wasm32-unknown-wasi

3. Run the produced binary

Just as in the previous section, you can run the produced binary with the wasmer WebAssembly runtime.

$ wasmer ./.build/debug/hello-swiftwasm.wasm
Hello, world!