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The main repository of this project. Forked from apple/swift. We are tracking upstream changes using pull

Branching scheme

  • swiftwasm is the main development branch.
  • main is a mirror of the main branch of the upstream apple/swift repository. This branch is necessary to avoid some issues.
  • swiftwasm-release/5.3 is the branch where 5.3 release of SwiftWasm is prepared.
  • release/5.3 is a mirror of the upstream release/5.3 branch.


This repository is a fork of apple/llvm-project.

swiftwasm branch is based on swift/main branch of apple/llvm-project.

Please see the document in the upstream repository for more details.


Build script and patches for building ICU project for WebAssembly. The required changes to build it were merged to the upstream repository.

swiftwasm/wasi-sdk and swiftwasm/wasi-libc

Forked from WebAssembly/wasi-sdk and WebAssembly/wasi-libc.

We fork them to build wasi-sysroot with pthread header. There aren't so many diff from upstream.